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Mushrooming - Corné de Wolf (NL)

In this workshop we will research the possibilities to use every day sounds as a tool for artistic expression. As sound and noise are mushrooming in our everyday life, we sometimes ignore the beauty and the possibilities to arrange and compile these sounds. Humans are tonal creatures. Before we developed language, we were using our voices to make tonal sounds, imitating nature. And with that - we might just were creating our first musical compositions. We are going to take things back to the source by making field recordings. Using the sounds of the environment we might trigger those ancient connections in our brains. Hopefully to inspire us and build songs or soundscapes from.

Any experience with a digital audio workstation would be nice, but isn’t required. A mobile phone or a field recorder are fine for capturing sound.


Maximum participants - 12


About the host:

Corné de Wolf is a composer, producer and media artist from The Netherlands. His work consists of making short films, installation art, film scoring and sound design, the aim is to bring a voice to any kind of concept. Inclined to humour, curiosity and playfulness as tools, he will bring a wider perspective whilst creating and a broadened atmosphere to the desired result.

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